About Bookworld Bulgaria

About the Project «Chinese-Bulgarian Bookworld»

Chinese-Bulgarian, or Bulgarian-Chinese Bookworld, is a platform for presenting works of Chinese literature in Bulgarian, and works of Bulgarian literature in English and Chinese. The concurrent flow of book exchange between our two nations will, in its first stage, include presenting Bulgarian books and works basically in English, because the direct Bulgarian-Chinese translation is far more labour-consuming and expensive.

The Project I present on this site, begins as personal, but also as a preparatory and even as a pilot project for a longer-term and farther enterprise which began in the summer of 2016 in Beijing, China. About the latter one may read in my article «Literary Meetings Between Bulgaria and China, 2016»

The present site is freely accessible and maximally inclusive. All articles here, both original and translated (from Chinese to Bulgarian, from Bulgarian to English and Chinese) are with all copyrights reserved by the respective author/translator, unless stated otherwise. In the Bulgarian sections of Bookworld we will publish reviews, comments and information about Chinese authors, books and works. In the English and Chinese sections we will present only Bulgarian authors, books and works, among which foremost attention will be paid to Bulgarian classics whose works are poorly known or altogether unknown outside of Bulgaria. The choice of the English language as an intermediary is founded on the hope that precisely through this language Bulgarian books and authors could be read not only in China, but all over the world.

Generally, every representative 「article」 will be marked by brevity and will include: a) a short biographical note on the author (all external sources will be duly noted); b) bibliographical note of the works most representative of that author; and c) selected works (poems) or excerpts of works, translated in the respective language (Bulgarian, for the Chinese authors, English and Chinese, for the Bulgarian authors.)

Preponderance will be given to publications of the two Publishers, with whose support this Project began: East-West Publishers (EWP, Bulgaria) and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP, China). All materials presented by them are fully protected by international copyright laws.

「Bookworld」 will also fulfil the mission of a mediator, connecting Bulgarian authors and publishers with Chinese publishers, to bolster the spreading of Bulgarian literature in China, as well as Chinese authors and publishers with their Bulgarian colleagues, to the same effect of helping Chinese literature reach more and more Bulgarian readers.


Anyone interested may contribute to the Project by offering authors, books and works.

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