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《诗集》【保】赫里斯托· 波特夫著

赫裡斯托‧波特夫(1848—1876)是民族解放運動的革命家兼著名詩人。他生於一個進步的教師家庭,十五歲到俄國敖德薩求學,受到赫爾岑.車爾尼雪夫斯基的影響,開始作寫詩歌。他最初的詩歌《致母親》、《致兄弟》傾訴了身… Read on | Още | 继续读

Metaphysical Landscapes and Social Lamentations: Ivan Metodiev’s Poetics

© Svetlozar Igov, author
© Petko T. Hinov, English translation

Ivan Metodiev was the most significant name among the Bulgarian poets who gained recognition during the last decade before 1989.

He did not enter Bulgarian literature by the usual and beaten path of the candidates for literary glory of that time — the middle-school and university circles-… Read on | Още | 继续读