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Основни понятия в китайската мисъл и култура

«Основни понятия в китайската мисъл и култура»

е поредица, представяща основните термини, понятия и идеи на китайската мисловна култура, които са същностни за навлизането в света на китайската философия, хуманизъм, духовност и ценности.

Оригиналната поредица обхваща девет книги, от които издателство FLTRP е отпечатало вече първите четири. Всеки т… Read on | Още | 继续读

Light from the East by Nataliya Boyadzhiyeva

Nataliya Boyadzhieva was born on the 15 of April, 1960 in Varna.

She graduated from Shoumen University «Konstantin Preslavski» with two specialities, Bulgarian and Russian philology. She works as a teacher of Bulgarian language and as a self-employed journalist. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists. Translates from Russian, Polish, English a… Read on | Още | 继续读

Metaphysical Landscapes and Social Lamentations: Ivan Metodiev’s Poetics

© Svetlozar Igov, author
© Petko T. Hinov, English translation

Ivan Metodiev was the most significant name among the Bulgarian poets who gained recognition during the last decade before 1989.

He did not enter Bulgarian literature by the usual and beaten path of the candidates for literary glory of that time — the middle-school and university circles-of-i… Read on | Още | 继续读