Petko Hinov

Petko Todorov Hinov

Born in Plov­div on Septem­ber 4, 1972. In 1991, he gradu­ated from the Eng­lish Lan­guage School of Plov­div. In 1996, he gradu­ated from Sofia Uni­ver­sity as a MA in sino­logy, with a second major in Romani­an Stud­ies. Trans­lat­or, author and edit­or of Chris­ti­an lit­er­at­ure at St. Luke Pub­lish­ing House, Sofia (1993–2010). Author of art­icles, travelogues and essays in the field of Chris­ti­an philo­sophy and theo­logy, lin­guist­ics and lit­er­ary stud­ies. Author of poetry, children’s stor­ies, the his­tor­ic­al and theo­lo­gic­al book “The New Mar­tyrs of Batak” (Sofia, 2006), also author of litur­gic­al poetry and hym­no­graphy in the Church Slavon­ic lan­guage. In the peri­od 2010–2013 he was an Eng­lish teach­er in Foshan, Guang­dong, China. From 2012 until now is a con­sult­ant and trans­lat­or from clas­sic­al and mod­ern Chinese lan­guage, Eng­lish and old Rus­si­an lan­guage in the “East-West” Pub­lish­ing House, as well as a freel­ance trans­lat­or, nar­rat­or of audiobooks, musi­cian and sing­er. Mar­ried to a Chinese lady, with two chil­dren.

For his translations, visit his webpage on the Bulgarian Translators’ Union.

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