Todor Panov

Todor Panov () is one of the founders of sociology and military psychology in Bulgaria. In his works, he treats the Hun-Bulgarian anthropology of our people, his character, psychology, daily-life and military qualities.

Todor Panov is not among the favourite authors of either socialist or post-socialist times. His books, written between 1911-1918, were in the lists of “secret” literature which practically meant forbidden. He is the author of “Social and Economic Utopias” (1911), “Mass Psychology and an Essay on the Psychology of Bulgarian People” (1913). His most ambitious and first book in Bulgaria on our national psychology is, however, “Psychology of the Bulgarian People” (1914). In 1916, he published the brochure “The Romanian Atrocities.”

Todor Panov’s observations on our nation’s psychology were made during his personal participation in the wars (1912-1918) as a combat officer (lieutenant of First Infantry Regiment, awarded with Order of Honour). Most valuable in Panov’s books are the very examples and analyses in Bulgarian ethnic psychology, taken from the wars. “Bulgarians as Soldiers” is Chapter the Sixteenth, from the book we present here, “Psychology of the Bulgarian People.”

Selected Translations from «Psychology of the Bulgarian People»


1. The Scientific Foundations of Ethic Psychology
2. A Hotchpotch of Anthropology, Ethnography and History
3. The Ethic Origins of Bulgarians
4. The Factors That Have Influenced on the Formation of the National Character of Bulgarians
5. Family Organisation
6. Family Upbringing
7. School Education and Breeding
8. The Political System
9. The Social Discipline
10. Partisanship and the Intelligentsia
11. Personal and Social Ideals
12. Criminality
13. Economic Factors
14. The Bulgarian Mind
15. The Principal Traits of the Bulgarian Character
16. Bulgarians as Soldiers
17. The Probable Impact of Balkan Wars on Our People’s Psychology
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