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Metaphysical Landscapes and Social Lamentations: Ivan Metodiev’s Poetics

© Svetlozar Igov, author
© Petko T. Hinov, English translation

Ivan Metodiev was the most significant name among the Bulgarian poets who gained recognition during the last decade before 1989.

He did not enter Bulgarian literature by the usual and beaten path of the candidates for literary glory of that time — the middle-school and university circles-of-i… Read on | Още | 继续读

«Christian Stories» by Deyan Enev

A Short Film After Deyan Enev’s Short Story «Salty and Sweet»:

The story of a father and his young son placed in an unusual situation. They find themselves alone at Christmas Eve and have to celebrate without their wife and mother. Both they try to rediscover hope and the path to each other. Pushed to the wall, mixed up and filled with contradictions, the man wil

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The Spring of the Emigrants 2: Morpho


Kalin Iliev Begins with The Squalor Around Us and Comes Up with a Magic Butterfly, Which Hovers Over the Storyline

As in his first novel, “The Spring of the Emigrants,” its sequel— “The Spring of the Emigrants: Morpho,” — too, was published in a dark time for our country Bulgaria, in a tangled political situation. At first glance, the Read on | Още | 继续读


The Spring of the Emigrants by Kalin Iliev | 长篇小说 《侨民的春天》


故事发生在当代,虚构国家奴隶亚(意译:零国)的人民被置于一贫如洗的困境和绝望之中,全国充斥着高压专制、敲诈勒索、恐怖战栗的行径。各个氏族之间争取霸权,不断发生暴力冲突。政府中的几位主角-“大酋长”、”乌喙”、”野猪”、”小丑”、”耗子”等沉迷于钱财、杀戮与情色,并由称之为”禽兽之影”的Read on | Още | 继续读