Rosen Vasilev

Rosen Vasilev

Rosen Dimitrov Vasilev, a Bulgarian poet, was born on 11 May 1928 in the town of Burgas. He graduated from high school in his hometown (1946) and Bulgarian Philology at Sofia University (1950). He worked at the National Radio and Bulgarian National Television: as editor, managing editor and deputy editor at the literary version of Radio Sofia (1953-1970), editor of the LIC programme in the Bulgarian TV (1970-1974), director of the «Orpheus» Radio Sofia (1974-1976), editor of the «Picture Gallery» magazine (since 1976). Member of the Bulgarian Writers’ Union. Nikola Furnadzhiev Ivan Popivanov Vatyo Rakovski, Hristo Fotev and others wrote articles and reviews on his literary works. He died on 13 November 1994.


Books of poetry:

  • «Sea Watercolors» (1958),
  • «He never was a sailor.» A lyrical poem about Jordan Lyutibrodski (1961),
  • «A sincere voice» (1962),
  • «New Poems» (1966),
  • «The Courier of Iskra is Travelling» (ballads and poems, 1968),
  • «An Invisible Sun» (1969)
  • «A Midnight Sunrise» (1972),
  • «An Endless day» (1974),
  • «An Unfinished Meeting» (1977),
  • «Selected Poems» (1978),
  • «A Night Sea»,
  • «Non-existent Time» (posthumously, 1996).

For children:

  • «Abecedarian» (1967),
  • «The Crew of the Lunar Ship» (1968),
  • «Bright-coloured Path» (poems for children, 1968),
  • «Chiba-san from Japan» (poems for children, 1977)
  • «Solar beads» (1981),
  • «September flag» (1984),
  • «Golden flashlights» (1987),
  • «Blue Swings: Selected Poems for Children and Adolescents» (1988).

Selected Poems

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